Preparing for International Travel

Traveling internationally, for many, is an experience that may occur only a few times in their lives.  For others, it is a common occurrence.  Either way, it is a necessity for all international travelers to take some precautions before traveling internationally.

Depending on the destination, it is a good idea to check into the immunizations and vaccinations that are recommended.  Travel vaccinations are a simple precaution to avoid potentially serious illnesses.  There are many illnesses, especially in the US, which international travel can subject us to.

Next, always be sure to drink bottled water and liquids from sealed containers.  Fountain beverages should be avoided (get a can of soda).  When traveling, ingesting bacteria, viruses, or amoebas that our bodies are not prepared to combat is a great way to wind up heading to the doctor or hospital.  Even if water looks clean, don’t trust it.  Always carry a bottle or two of water with you.

If you are traveling on business and conducting business in a foreign country, it is always good to consider legal matters, especially in countries like Thailand where the law can be confusing.  Research the best Thailand lawyers before going and keep their contact information handy.

Some other considerations when traveling are to have some basic necessities like a small first aid kit, an international calling card (or international cell phone plan), properly packing for the expected weather, and having your trip fully planned out.  The last thing you want is to realize that you forgot a significant part of your trip like booking a rental car, or a hotel for a couple of nights.

ALWAYS keep your passport and money with you.  This is a golden rule of international travel.  If you lose your passport, then you should be prepared for an unpleasant process to correct that mistake.

Unexpected things can happen during international travel.  Always have a contingency plan and an emergency fund for the unexpected.